The What, Why and How of Saturday the 22nd’s Protest

Ri-posto un articolo molto interessante sull’inizio della protesta ambientalista che sta avendo luogo in Libano, scritta da un blogger cha ha esperienza diretta di quello che sta accadendo.
Formatoberliner is re-blogging an article about the ongoing environmentalist protest that has taking place in Lebanon. It is an account of how and why it started.
Thank you, Joey Ayoub. Good luck.
Hummus For Thought is a Beirut-based blog devoted to tackling issues dealing with the Lebanese experience, chiefly from a secular, progressive and egalitarian point of view.

Hummus For Thought

We are gathering tomorrow, Saturday the 22nd at 6pm at Riad El Solh, so I decided to write this post to clear any confusion you might have concerning who ‘we’ are and what ‘we’ want. If you’re confused, this is for you. If you’re sure of yourself, read it anyway. Just in case. Needless to say, these words are my own and I’m the only one responsible for them.

First of all, who are we? We are a movement calling itself Tol3et Re7etkom, Lebanese Arabic for ‘You Stink’. We don’t have a leader, but several passionate individuals, women and men, of all walks of life. Anyone can join, anyone can leave. Ideologically? Let’s just say that we are secular, meaning that everyone is welcomed regardless of religion or lack-thereof, are deeply passionate about social justice and are seeking sustainable solutions to the waste crisis in Lebanon. Our methods…

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