TOUT SE TIENT. Formatoberliner in ENGLISH on WordPress

Formatoberliner is an Italian independent news and analysis blog. The idea behind it is to focus its readers’ attention on world-wide news, although it is likely that we will end up covering Italian news every now and then. Furthermore, the two themes may not be separate from one another but interdependent.

As a matter of fact, our guide principle are the words of the famous Swiss linguist Ferdinand De Saussure: tout se tient. Everything is connected, interrelated, intertwined. We will try our best to cover those elements and events that bind (or tear up) people and countries, and those unexpected links, both international and supranational, that travel across the world in spite of any border.

With that being said, Formatoberliner won’t go into questionable “searches for the Truth”, nor support crackpot theories. We will simply address those arguments less known to the general public and that don’t seem to receive the right amount of coverage from Italian or international media.

We will try to be (or at least seem) as objective as possible, while keeping in mind that objectivity is subjective. Starting from its name, Formatoberliner doesn’t care to be taken 100% seriously, nor it asks to be considered a “proper newspaper”. It simply aspires to shed some light on ideas and realities that may differ from the ones we are used to, and to cover news from a different point of view from the one usually adopted by the media.

We want to thank everyone with enough patience and critical sensibility who will read our articles and perhaps write constructive comments, either positive or negative, that will help fuel this project. In the long run, we hope to get everyone feel part of this – or, at the very least, learn something useful.

Let’s get started!



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